The Spice Sisters' Twisty, Twisty Road Chapter 1

Warning!  This story spans quite a few years.
It’s broken into chapters…subscribe and stay tuned friends.

The Spice Sisters Twisty, Twisty Road       Chapter 1

We’ve covered a lot of this story in the “About us” page of our web site but the quick rehash goes like this; Yasmeen’s family makes an array of glorious chutneys that came with them from Hyderabad, India.  She brought them from home to college to make dorm food more bearable.  Everyone loved them and being Yasmeen, she shared generously.  When I say everyone, I mean folkx from all over the world. They agreed that everything tasted better with a dose of chutney. Yasmeen filed this info away, knowing someday she would unleash her entrepreneurial powers and bring this delicious-ness to the world. 

Meanwhile, in a sperate universe, Margaret is paying her dues and learning the kitchen arts from her Italian grandmother, a woman without fear in the kitchen. She would recreate dishes from any culture she came into contact with to the best of her abilities.    Eventually, Margaret moves from the mountains of New York into the wide, wide world of NYC. She is astounded by the availability of food from so many cultures and does her best to experience as many as she can. 

Their paths cross at an NGO in suburban Chicago where all that “table talk” we reference begins. It leads to a fast friendship and all manner of dreams for a business together.  Eventually life takes Yasmeen to New Jersey and Margaret to rural Illinois. The idea for Spice Sisters is born and they hit the farmers markets.  A moment of truth happens when a dedicated farm boy complete with overalls and work boots tries a jar of Twisted Tomato Chutney and buys not one but two jars; proving that indeed, EVERYONE loves chutney! 

Even as the “sisters” create more flavors based on sauces from different corners of the globe, the distance between our heroines becomes too much.  Margaret packs up her best friend/husband and “Spice brother”, Shlomo, their fur baby and their belongings. They get to Morrisville, PA just in time for COVID to shut everything they planned down.  

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