About Us

Spice Sisters mission is to provide freshly made, versatile, condiments with whole, healthy ingredients.  We understand the "magic" that happens when people share food and fellowship.  Our goal is to share our experiences with the food/flavors of many countries/cultures and encourage folks “to the table” for easy to prepare, healthy food bursting with fresh, whole ingredients and exciting global flavors

Yasmeen wanted to share my family's chutney recipes since she was in college. Every time she went back to college her parents sent along "care packages" with favorite chutneys. She would share with dorm mates and they would rave about them. Surprisingly, some of these girls had never even tried Indian food.

Those experiences stayed with Yasmeen and she always thought it would be wonderful to bottle and share these condiments with an even larger group of people.

Margaret learned to cook as an apprentice in her Italian grandmother’s kitchen.  She developed an appreciation for flavors from around the globe as well as real respect for home cooks and their ability to transform any meal into a feast with love and creativity.

Together Yasmeen and Margaret are the Spice Sisters!  Our "super power" is the fact that we understand the magic that happens when people share food and fellowship.  

Margaret & Yasmeen's sisterhood grew from kitchen kinship and endless hours of table talk. Inspired by family recipes and a shared passion for global flavors, the Spice Sisters create unique craft condiments. They fill them with the kind of flavor that comes from fresh, unprocessed ingredients; flavors found in traditional combinations of herbs and spices and most importantly, flavor from the love in home kitchens. 

We believe that our products allow people to easily experience flavors from places that are very different from themselves.   We truly believe this makes the world a smaller, more connected place.